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Graphene cerere helmint been presented as a miracle material since it was first isolated by researchers of the University of Manchester in From cerere helmint our computers 1 cerere helmint faster to enabling bionic cerere helmint, cleaning up radioactive waste or desalinising water in cerere helmint, there seemed to be cerere helmint limit to what we could possibly do with this one atom-thick Mai mult crystal.

The main problem used to lie in cost and mass scale production, although research efforts have enabled a significant price drop and scale-up cerere helmint production capacities over the past few years.

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Whilst this remains an issue, stakeholders are now pointing at the lack of standardisation as the main obstacle on the path to commercial products. In Europe, it is hoped the Graphene Flagship will solve these problems.

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These include Airbus winglets made of graphene composites, a motorcycle helmet with graphene coating, a new viscoelastic graphene-polymer sensor, amongst others. The common trait between all these innovations?

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When combined with composites or plastics, for instance, graphene does wonders in terms of overall material strength or thermal conductivity. From smart textiles to graphene-reinforced polymers, health monitoring wearables cerere helmint position sensors, our special feature section showcases how graphene can cast a wide net across multiple industrial sectors.

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