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This is fantastic, thank you dacia plant contact much! Hari ThapliyaalAcum 2 luni We don't know which is cost effective. Because yes, in the end the number of training iterations becomes quite similar.

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Sebastián LópezAcum 3 luni I love your channel! Thank you very much! Cristian GarciaAcum 4 luni Love the video! Superb quality : I recently implemented a very small ViT for pedagogical purposes, it worked nicely.

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  • I love this cadence, fun, humor and synthesis of so many good ideas.
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I know the idea take transformers to the extreme but for practical purposes a combination of convolutions and attention is probably stronger. About your idea, I would expect it would work better for some smaller?

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James BridgewaterAcum 6 luni Great explanations. Many thanks to Letitia and Mrs. Coffee Bean.

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Coffee Bean sends her greetings! Shubham YadavAcum 6 luni Good video Letitia! The channel subscribers keep growing day by day!

AI Coffee Break with LetitiaAcum 6 luni May the accuracies of all our models increase steadily self supervised vision transformer github the subscriber numbers!

Really awesome explanation! Easy to understand! Emmanuel This one video, I feel like I've learned so many different insights. I'm still trying to level up where I understand that the math annotations easily and clearly like Mr. Kilcher but, the insights here are amazing.

Screw cute gesturing πs. Coffee beans are where it's at!

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More to come! Isaac NewtonAcum 7 luni Great video, thanks for sharing.

See you around! CAcum 7 luni How do you know which new research papers to focus your attention on? CAcum 4 luni Thank you!

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Great advice. I have two main means of discovering new papers: 1 Twitter. Following researchers and educational content creators on twitter is a great way to stay up to date with that they published or find interesting.

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To follow researchers, I recommend searching on Twitter for the authors you read last and enjoyed. For content creators, I recommend following ak omarsar0 amitness ykilcher JordanBHarrod JayAlammar and many others.

Sadly, these are usually not very notorious papers as in 1where the follower-rich get richer.

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  6. The conference is addressed to bachelor and master level students.
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For example, I found the Visual Chirality paper by conference proceedings, about which Ms. Coffee Bean made a video too rofaqs. But even if the idea of the paper is super interesting and yet so simple and elegant, that video received very little interest compared to my other videos so far.

Code: github. Abstract: One paradigm for learning from few labeled examples while making best use of a large amount of unlabeled data is unsupervised pretraining followed by supervised fine-tuning. Although this paradigm uses unlabeled data in a task-agnostic way, in contrast to most previous approaches to semi-supervised learning for computer vision, we show that it is surprisingly effective for semi-supervised learning on ImageNet. A key ingredient of our approach is the use of a big deep and wide network during pretraining and fine-tuning. We find that, the fewer the labels, the more this approach task-agnostic use of unlabeled data benefits from a bigger network.

I am a subjective person after all. Unlike Ms. Coffee Bean, of course, she is the objectivity incorporated.